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Some thoughts about this ongoing Genocide in Ukraine

   This is strictly business, and it affects by this war in Ukraine. feel however you want about it, blame whomever you want, the majority here are seeing clearly who's to blame for it. Putin. Trolls may blame the west for it. let those living in their fantasy world.

   But the harsh reality is that war is bad for business and international trade. These very far-going sanctions toward Russia and Belarus affect the trade, many large companies have abandoned Russia, as well Belarus.

Many worldwide brands are no longer available in Russia, that fact even shops outside Russia refuse to sell to Russian, as this Russian woman who was refused to buy a Chanel purse.

   A small example of how these sanctions strike. When Russian Oligarchs have lost insane values, got yachts confiscated, and so on. It's tough to say But Russia will fall back heavily as a trade market and will fall as further this war continues.

   The biggest loser is that small man on the street, who's no longer can go for a burger at McDonald's, and get a decent bit of food for affordable money.

I Condemn this war, I condemn Putin and his henchmen for this war, ongoing Genocide, in Ukraine. 

   But you put suffering as well for your own people at the same time. 3-6 months and Russia is back on the same tracks as it was in the '80s and '90s With empty shelves in shops.

   Pretty, eh? No. But: Economic and financial sanctions and expelling diplomats, that's the only way the international community can push Russia to withdraw, by non-lethal and peaceful means, if you want any efficiency toward Russia.

   Giving Ukrainians weapons, is just a way to give Ukraine a boost in their morale to push Russia out of its territory, it's said, when diplomacy no longer works, war takes over, and now, we have a bitter war in our closest neighborhood.


  In the trace of this war, atrocities and genocides have been committed, towards defenseless civilians, destruction of cultural facilities, and so on. My friends: That's called Genocide and ethnic cleansing by international law. And no, I will not publish any photos here about it, they're too brutal.

   Never forget, never forgive, Slava Ukraina, stand strong and win this war. For Russia, Don't believe in those lies they feed you, seek the truth, and get your own picture about the situation.

#Day 143.

38300 Orcs taken out of combat, This war is very ugly, no wars are really nice. Orcs forcing 200K some children to relocate to Russia, For what? An uncertain future, as Hostage for a hostile Russian regime, we've seen this before, yes indceed, Nazis kidnapping "Aryan-looking kids, to re-locate them in German families, Mr. Putler, shall I tell you some? They hung Nazis for crimes like this in Nuremberg in 1946 - 47. I just wonder when it's your turn to be hanged? 

   I may be rude, but I don't care if Ukraine kills 238300+ Orcs. This is some fucking pigs in human shape we're seeing in action, not any humans, humans have brains, these pigs act by their instinct and by remote control in Kremlin. Don't ever ask me to accept Russian Orcs as friends, I rather want to see them face hell for their shitty deeds, this they have done has a name. Genocide, call things by their right name. 

   Nazis weren't a bit worse than these swine, and are coming to be accountable for them before the court when Putler is forced out of power or will die, hopefully extremely very painfully.  

#Day 176

44300, eliminated ORCS, 80.000+ if you ask NATO, huge losses in material, to be honest. Russian ORCS can't win this war, even high officials in Russia admits that this war has been fucked up. Everyone hopes this war will end soon, but that's a weak hope. The similarities with WW2 are striking, then I look at that ugly man in Berlin, and his stubborn mind. now, this ugly man has changed shape and speaks Russian, and is called Vladimir Putin. Others, no difference this ugly is ready to send Russia to its abyss, to try to win this unwinnable war. 

   This war has no winners, only losers, in various degrees, and a hell lot of civilian suffering. ORCS don't give a shit if they bomb out civilian structures, and kill and wound innocent civilians. The only win is a free and sovereign Ukraine, it will have a pricetag. our energy prices, and food prices, rise rapidly. We don't know the full extent of how average Russians are affected by this, only that they will come to pay for it, one way or another.