Liljas Bokhörna

Det Digitala Hemmet för 

Warrior Publishing By Carol Lilja 


Vikingens kiosk & Liljas bokhörna

Den fysiska butiken för böcker & Gott

-Den godaste vikingen i Älgarås!

We distribute all over the world, EXCEPT Russian Federation, Belarus, China and Iran

Carol Lilja, Author and company owner 

   Born in North parts of Finland, but emigrated at a young age to Sweden, written since the youth, but established the publishing company in 2016. as a protest towards established publishing houses, and their will to streamline the content, they publish. 

  Creator of the Boneyard series, which will be translated in the whole in US English. 20 books will take time, for sure, but be patient, it will come. 

   The whole process is done in the house, nothing is outsourced to external companies, to keep costs low, and control the process from the computer to the complete printed book. The exotic translation may require external resources, but that day, that sorrow. TRANSLATIONS TO RUSSIAN, BELARUSIAN, PERSIAN, OR CHINESE WILL NEVER BE TOLERATED! THEY'RE BANNED FOREVER! These three, now existing books maybe will be divided into separate parts, so three books will be six. Just make it possible to make hardcover books out of them.  Better quality gains the customer, as it gains us.

   We'll come to publish new books regularly on this page, so keep your eyes open!

And NO! I've no time -whatsoever- to waste on Nazis, Commies, and various trolls, Russian such especially. Just go away, and let me be alone, or I kick you away. And NO, NO BOOKS WILL EVER BE DISTRIBUTED INTO THESE TERRITORIES*!

*Russia, Belarus, Iran, and China

And NO. We will NOT attend the bookfair in Gothenburg, as Nazis have been exhibited there, and that will apply forever. Nazi scumbags have infected that bookfair. 


The publishing company and the bookstore will get a web store, very soon. for own books and for the cooperation companies' books. And as well as the location för the physical store and making it mobile. The kiosk's future is uncertain, and we look for other solutions if its continuity. in the future. It's not dead, just comes to be altered in the future.  the present shop shall be re-made to a 100 percent paper and book store, and be able to attend at larger markets.

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